Newmarket Ramblers

Guided walks in the Newmarket area


Upend Walk Sunday 2nd September

Phil’s walk from Upend Sunday 2nd September clashed with the Ipswich v Norwich football match. Fortunately, Angela offered to lead the walk, which was not without interest, as the pictures, provided by Anita, show. The flock of sheep were in a field at Cowlinge Corner, near Lidgate, crossed by a public footpath on the walk route.

Phil comments “ This is not the first time that livestock has created an interest for the group as we have on a number of occasions encountered herds of bullocks on fields at Carlton; curious beasts actually, but rather intimidating. My forte has been keeping the bullocks back to enable the party to get over a stile or through a gate in relative comfort. On one such occasion a chap called David Allen took a photo of me doing my 'matador' performance, (from the stile), and this, subsequently, appeared as a 'centrefold' in Area News, giving my rear view countywide publicity.” !


Annual Dinner April 2018

30 or so members attended the annual dinner. It was good to see friends and relatives who were non-walkers and also members who had moved away from the area. We met in the bar for drinks, and there was the usual beautiful sunset over the golf course as we sat down to the meal. The meal and service were of the expected high standard. We relaxed back in the bar for coffee and the raffle. Margaret’s husband Steven sent these comments:   

“When I was a youngster, I remember often being told by older people that time passes more quickly when you get older.  I remember thinking how that can be?  Time is not variable, surely a day is a day, a year is a year.  Such is the naivety of youth; can it really be twelve months sine the last Ramblers Dinner?  The time seems to have passed as fast as the Starship Enterprise, as it goes off on its never-ending journey.

As a non-walker, honestly, I would, folks, but the hip just won’t let me, my biggest concern as these events is trying to remember people’s names. This is something I am very bad at, and always have been.  Why is it that people can remember who I am, but their name is out there, just on the edge of the fog?  However, I never forget a face, so my apologies.  I know I know you but not what your name is.

This year presented an extra problem, well, not exactly a problem, shall we call it a challenge.

As it says on the tin, it’s a dinner, so obviously food is an important part of the event.  It’s always nice to be able to select from the menu the dishes which you prefer.  Nothing difficult so far.  However, this fact seems to have been missed by the current Mrs Lock.

When I filled in my choices and gave the form to her, she calmly and very dismissively informed me that she had chosen for me.  Her excuse being that the caterers needed to know the numbers.

So once again, my apologies to Stella and the rest of you good people on our table if I said rather too often “That look’s nice, what is it?”

The other surprise of the evening was that I won a prize in the raffle.  Thank you for all your hospitability and happy walking”.

Thank you Steven ! ,  and many thanks to Tony and Ann for organising the evening. Much enjoyed by all.

Sausage Lunch January 21st 2018

The annual sausage feast will be held in Kirtling Hall again this year. Following a morning walk from the Hall Newmarket sausages, mashed potato, homemade apple pie/crumble and custard will be served. Bring your own drinks. Tea and coffee will be provided followed by afternoon entertainment. Please return your booking details ( given below) 

Rede Walk September 6th

The Wednesday walk this week was around Rede. Jenny sent some photos saying it was lovely walk from Rede, through open countryside, with a trip across a ploughed field and a detour to avoid a curious bull! 

Friday, December 14, 2018