Newmarket Ramblers

Guided walks in the Newmarket area

Mam Tor

Following a few days walking in the Peak District with some of the club members, Tom Caple was inspired  to write this poem



Mam Tor  Or Can’t make me blue, John

Sure-footed, you can climb the way

With ease to Mam Tor top: wet day

Or dry, weather doesn't matter

To those whose breath’s held for chatter

As the hill yields to thrusting boot,

Giving up its incline foot by foot.

Not so, for those who lead a life,

Like me, unbalanced – constant strife

‘twixt keeping up and staying up,

Then rolling like some clumsy pup,

As foot and slick stone disagree

And leg gives way to treachery.

So on we trudge through wind and rain;

Then, together now, see pain’s gain,

Freely given by ancient stones,

Ignoring Lear-like weather’s moans,

Now we’ve done our climbing duty,

We can view breathtaking beauty.


Tom Caple


Saturday, July 21, 2018